Canadian Prospect “Irish” Cam O’Connell On His Recent Victory, Plans For Canadian Title In The Next Year


Promising Canadian prospect “Irish” Cam O’Connell fought on December 6th against Ryan McGrady in an all action fight that became one of the best highlights from the KO Boxing card Relentless.

O’Connell and McGrady went to war within seconds of the opening bell and O’Connell was able to get his opponent out of there within the first three rounds of their six round bout.

After the fights were over, I caught up with Cam and was able to ask him a few questions about his fight and what the future holds in store. O’Connell had difficulty connecting on his opponent in the first round but was able to take over starting in the second.

“It felt great,” said O’Connell. “The guy came out strong. I kept to my game plan, started with my jab. The first round didn’t go the way we planned so we just came out the second round and took it from there.”

Irish fighters have a reputation for putting on action fights which is what fans were given but O’Connell did not know of his opponents ancestry before the two Irish fighters stepped into the ring and put on a show but the show did not last long.

“He came hard. He did come hard. I heard the Irish song; I didn’t know he was Irish at the time, he came out to that Irish song and I was like ‘I’m the Irish Cam O’Connell. I’m taking the Irish, I’m the Irish guy here.’  At first it pumped me up and then we got in there and after the first round I knew I could break him down. I had six rounds to break him down. I broke him down too quickly. I wanted to get more rounds out of him.”

O’Connell recently signed with KO Boxing who hosted the card that night. KO has featured O’Connell on previous cards without a contract and the two decided that it was time to finally seal the deal and it is a promising one for O’Connell who will be fighting more frequently and be given more opportunities in this new venture.

“It (signing with KO Boxing) just came to me well. They put me on their fight cards with no contracts or anything like that.  Milan seems like a good guy. He is taking care of me. He is getting me the fights that we need and (fighting) four times a year is in my contract. Hopefully we can get five or six. I just want to keep fighting and that’s what they said they were going to do for me.”

With the opportunity to fight more O’Connell should be in line for a Canadian title shot should he continue winning. The next step for him will be this March when he will fight on the next KO show in Edmonton and even though the next opponent is unknown to him at the moment he is willing to fight anyone anytime, anywhere.

“There is talk about Canadian champions but we don’t know. It’s all up to my coach and my team. I’ll fight anyone, anytime as long as they are confident in putting me in there. I’ll be in the next KO show for sure (March). Besides that I am allowed to take fights elsewhere so whatever comes up I hope we’ll take it.”

In a career, as in life it is good to have a layout of where you are and where you want to go. For Cam O’Connell the plan is to hold the Canadian championship within the next year and then see where he goes from there.

“My plans for the next coming year…at least the Canadian title. That’s my goal. I want that Canadian title around my waist. I just want to keep on fighting and see how far we can take it. In one year’s time how far can we go?”