Canelo Alvarez Vows to do whatever it takes

Photo by Gene Blevins/Hogan Photos
Photo by Gene Blevins/Hogan Photos
Photo by Gene Blevins/Hogan Photos

Saul Canelo Alvarez is one of the biggest stars in boxing; he has an opportunity to shine his brightest in his contest, the megafight with Miguel Cotto Nov. 21st in Las Vegas. This fight has all the characteristics of a prodigal upcoming boxing event, two fighters with fan friendly styles, two fighters legacy on the line, and the great backdrop of the biggest rivalry in boxing Mexico vs. Puerto Rico!. It should promise for some fireworks at the end of November. caught up with Mexico’s Golden Child Canelo Alvarez to check on his preparation for his upcoming fight. Canelo spoke on what a win against the praised Puerto Rican would mean to him saying,

“It would mean a lot, he’s a great fighter and a fighter that’s done a lot in the sport there are big fights between Mexico and Puerto Rico so it’s a Big fight for me.”

A lot of people see this as an even fight, Canelo spoke on what he has to do to win this fight.

“The preparation!, I think that the fighter who is well prepared and has a strategy is going to be the one who will win that day.” Canelo continued saying, “I’m ready to give whatever it takes in the ring to win this fight, I will go in there give the best of me November 21st so at the end of the night they raise my hand.”

These two fighters give me little doubt that I won’t be in for a barn burner of a fight come Nov. 21st. I’m sure both fighters are going to fight in a warrior type manner.

“I expect a hard fight a very hard fight that day and that’s what I’m preparing for but if it turns out to be any other form of fight, I’ll be ready.”

They both are saying all the right things; the fight is drawing closer and fans I’m sure couldn’t be more ecstatic that they are going to get a mega fight worth the money they will spend. Won’t be no fancy footwork in this fight ladies and gentleman just two men fighting like warriors, it all goes down in Las Vegas Nov. 21st don’t miss it