Canelo Feels Lara Doesn’t Handle Pressure Well


Tha Boxing Voice caught up with Mexican boxing super star Saul “Canelo” Alvarez, as speaks on his preparation for his upcoming assignment, the very capable Erislandy Lara.

When asked if he had already be gun preparing for Lara a difficult left handed stylist who has is fast and posses very good technique, he said, “I always stay training, always stay prepared. Yeah, he has a complicated style he is a lefty, but I have fought with all different types of styles and I will be ready for his style as well.”

People wondered why he was advised to take this fight. Canelo responded by saying, “Well because he is a difficult fighter, he is a left handed, who is always running, that’s why.” Canelo added, “But I am ready for any style, I have fought against every style, I will be ready for his style and for other styles as well.”

Canelo was then posed that question as to what he has noticed about Lara in his fights against the rivals that they have in common which he responded by stating, “Well he defends very well with his legs, but when you have him cornered all he does is cover up with his hands. So we will fight a smart fight, because he is a great counter puncher, but with great preparation we will be ready.”

Finally, Canelo was asked if he had learned something from the Mayweather fight abd how it would help him against Lara. Canelo stated,  “I learned a lot from that fight he is a very fast fighter, very hard to find, you look for him over here and he is now over there, so I learned a lot form that fight, you learn from every fight. I have fought every style and I will be ready for his style.”