Canelo Says Talk is Cheap, Lara Feels He’s Meant For Big Fights


    (Easton, PA – July 2nd, 2014)

    With just 10 days to go, Mexico’s biggest star, Saul “Canelo” Alvarez (43-1-1, 31 KOs) will take on his 2nd toughest challenge, aside from Floyd Mayweather, when he faces Cuban Sensation Erislandy “The American Dream” Lara (19-1-2, 12 KOs) at the MGM Grand In Las Vegas.

    Lara and Canelo will meet at a weight limit of 155lbs, a pound over the Jr Middleweight limit (154lbs) The bout will not be for Lara’s WBA title.
    Earlier today the 2 had a final conference call before they meet In the ring on July 12th.

    To start the call, Ronnie Shields gave us a few words,

    “Hello everyone, I just want to say everything Is going great In camp. Lara Is In great condition. The whole team Is really focused on making sure you get the best possible fight. Lara’s condition Is really great thanks to his conditioning coach, he’s In very good spirits.”

    The American Dream himself then came on with just a few simple words,

    “Hi everyone, thanks for being present. There is not much more to talk about, I’m ready to fight, I’m In great shape and I’m ready for Canelo on July 12th.”

    Given he came to the United States pursing, what he calls himself, The American Dream, Lara Is asked how he feels, looking back at his career, coming here was he looking for these kind of fights, this kind of stage, to headline PPV

    “That’s the reason I came here. For these kind of fights and to fight at this level. Im 100% sure Its exactly what I wanted to do. Come to this country and fight the biggest fights. I’ve been asking for a world title since my 7th professional fight.”

    Between Canelo & Lara, they both have 2 similar opposition within each other, Alfredo Angulo & Austin Trout. Lara feels that the performances they had with both guys has nothing to do with how things will play out come July 12th

    “The opponents have nothing to do with one another, the styles are different. It does not make a difference who we fought In the past, I plan on dominating Canelo July12th.”

    Ronnie Shields, Lara’s trainer says that depending on who you face, determines how great you actually can be and look

    ” It’s who Is In front of you, that makes a big difference. Canelo’s a guy you know you have to be at your best. Our sparring has been great. We’ll follow the game plan and we’re looking forward to It.”

    He also feels, like any other trainer, that his fighter Is the much better man between the 2

    ” Without a doubt Lara Is better period! You can’t take anything away from Canelo, He’s a good fighter but Lara had a great amateur career, and his pro career Is even better. Canelo’s career has been pick and choose.”

    Lara felt the same In reference to Canelo’s career being pick and choose

    “Yes absolutely! He doesn’t know whats coming to him, I’m superior In everything compared to him.”

    “If you look at Canelo, he Is a good puncher with both hands, an arrogant guy In a great way. Whatever he talks, he can back up and Lara Is the same way, but when you look at styles, Canelo likes to throw a lot of combo’s and Lara Is a counterpuncher. So this Is going to be a great fight.”

    Lara has been feeling confident and comfortable coming into this fight, saying this type of fight Is perfect for him

    “Its a good style match up, I know Canelo Is going to press forward and press the action. These are the fights I like.”

    In the wake of Gambo’s knockout loss to Terrence Crawford, Lara says the loss has nothing to do with his fight. Being they are both representing the Cuban community, he Is only focused on his task ahead

    “Gamboa Is Gamboa, I’m focused on what I have to do. Thats my main focus, this fight has nothing to do with Gamboa’s loss, we are completely different fighters.”

    When asked If he felt the need to owe gratitude to Canelo for taking on this tough task, Lara insisted that he deserved this opportunity so he doesn’t owe Canelo anything

    “Absolutely not! I don’t owe him anything but a couple of left hands. I deserve this fight, I pressured Canelo into taking this fight.”

    In recent months, we have seen a decline In PPV numbers for some of boxings biggest attractions such as Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, Oscar De La Hoya says, he on the other hand Is not worried one bit about Canelo’s numbers

    “When Canelo Is involved In PPV, It’s a hit. His first PPV did about 400,000. So with having a stacked card and having Lara as the opponent, people are going to tune In.”

    On the subject about Canelo’s recent fight, Lara Is asked If he thinks Canelo was simply better against Angulo, or If he faced a lesser Angulo compared to his fight with him

    “I didn’t see the same Perro like In my fight. I saw nothing special so that fight didn’t benefit either guy.”

    Eddie Reynoso, Canelo’s trainer and manager Is then introduced

    “We’re very happy and very optimistic with the work Canelo has been doing.”

    Canelo, like his opponent, keeps his opening remarks short & simple

    “Good afternoon everyone! I’m very happy that the fight Is right around the corner. I’m ready for that great night.”

    Canelo goes on later to say he wants to reach new heights by fighting the toughest fights

    “By fighting the toughest fights, It will put me more out their.”

    The pound for pound king In boxing, Floyd Mayweather fights only 2 times a year on specific weekends. Mexican Independence Day weekend and Cinco de Mayo weekend. Canelo says he hopes to secure those dates for the Mexican people once again and have them as his own with the help of his promoter.

    “I want to retake those dates and bring them back. Those days are Mexican dates and by next year I will be fighting on them.”

    In his last 2 fights Canelo Is 1-1, against the pound for pound king and one of the Jr Middleweights toughest competitors Alfredo Angulo. Being In the ring with both has tough a lot to Canelo, as well as recovering mentally from his only defeat to Floyd. Coming off the momentum in the Angulo fight Lara’s camp insists that with Canelo’s style, they have the perfect recipe to look sensational

    “Obviously they are going to say that. They have a strategy and I have mine. Come July 12th, all talk goes out the window and Its only him & I In that ring.”

    Oscar Is asked If he expects to see a better Canelo than he did against Floyd and Angulo, being this Is a tough task for Canelo

    “Yes obviously, as a promoter this wasn’t my first choice. It’s his decision, he wants to fight the best and be the best you have to go with what the fighter says and feels. Canelo Is fighter who continues to improve and grow, he has tremendous abilities In the ring. We feel that with Trout, Canelo saw things he could exploit. We saw things In Trout, and It’s the same with Lara. Its a very tough test, a difficult style, like we saw with Trout, you see things In Lara. Things Canelo can take advantage of.”

    As noted earlier, the fight will be contested at 155lbs and will NOT be for Lara’s WBA belt, reason being, Canelo says

    “It’s not about titles, he had an interim title when the fight was made but Its more about pride. Not for any kind of belt.”

    He also comments on his future as a middleweight, If their indeed Is one

    “I feel very good at 154lbs, I’ll be here a few more years If not perhaps my whole career, but we’ll see what my body decides.”

    De La hoya feels that the winner of this fight Is rightfully deserved to be the best In the world at 154lbs, as well does Canelo

    “Yes without a doubt thats how It’ll be. The winner Is without a doubt the best In the weight division.” – Canelo

    “You have No.1 and No.2 fighting each other here. So absolutely the winner will be the best at 154lbs.” – Oscar De La Hoya

    On closing comments, Canelo responds to Lara’s remarks on not owing him anything for this fight aside from some left hands

    “I’m not going to get into games. If I didn’t want this fight, then the fight would not be happening. On July 12th, we’ll see who’s giving who some left hands. The fight Is near, we’re ready, we’re prepared. I can’t predict a knockout because the knockout comes, but I can predict my hand will be raised.”