Carl Froch vs. George Groves: Will the Pre-fight Tension Spill over into the Fight This Saturday?


This Saturday night, in front of 80,000 fans at Wembly stadium, Carl Froch and George Groves will square off with Froch’s  IBF and WBA Super Middleweight straps on the line. The two Brits have a palpable dislike for each other, and if their first fight was any indication, the rematch should be pure fireworks in the ring.

This most recent drama in the English boxing scene has attracted the attention of the whole world. In their first match-up, Groves entered the fight as an underdog and the B-side. Groves shocked the fans and Froch alike by dominating the fight until the ninth round, when Froch hurt Groves for the first time and the referee controversially stopped the fight.

Groves, along with the majority of fans and pundits alike, was gutted by the quick stoppage by the ref. During the post-fight interviews, Froch seemed full of himself and unwilling to acknowledge the success that Groves had. This arrogance on the part of Froch contrasted sharply with Groves’ interview in which he was humble, yet he managed to make a strong case against the stoppage and for a rematch. While Groves lost the first fight, he has gained the support of many boxing fans who wished to see the fight play out.

In the months after the fight, Froch continued to act dismissively towards Groves’ proposed rematch, but in response to the fan’s demands and a mandate made by the IBF, Froch had agreed to the rematch. As the date approaches, the tension becomes thick between these two fighters. Whatever contempt these two had for each other has only intensified since their last meeting.

Groves will certainly come out and try to dominate the early rounds as he did in their first meeting. In the first fight Groves initially overwhelmed Froch with his speed and long jab, dropping Froch in the first round. In the rematch, you can expect Froch to be more defensive-minded, and hopefully he takes Groves a little more seriously. Froch likes to fight with his hands low and pose for the fans, which Groves exposed in their first bout but when you have power like Froch does, a knockout is always an option.

Perhaps we will see Froch’s aggression ignited against his rival, or perhaps it will be Groves who avenges the quick stoppage. Either way, boxing fans know they are in for a great fight this Saturday night.