Carlos Molina: “I’m going to bring the nightmare back to Amir Khan.”

    Carlos Molina wants to shock the world against Amir Khan

    Earlier this week in London, Amir Khan’s return to the ring was officially announced by Golden Boy Promotions. In the days leading up to the press conference, unofficial reports that Carlos Molina would be Khan’s next opponent were met with near shock when they reached the eyes and ears of fight fans.  They went on Twitter and called in to radio shows to voice their disbelief: “Molina is a VERY tough junior middleweight who has beaten some of the division’s top contenders, including Erislandy Lara and James Kirkland!” “Didn’t we just see Amir Khan get knocked into a funny case of the jelly-legs against Danny Garcia at 140!?”  “Wait… what? A different Molina?” “There’s no Molina at 140.” “Huh, a lightweight…?”

    Once all of the Google searches were redirected and the confusion cleared up, many fans were still scratching their heads at this selection.  Some believe that a contest against a lightweight who is four inches shorter and has a 39% KO rate is as much of a mismatch as a fight with “the other Carlos Molina” would have been.

    It doesn’t take a genius to see that Golden Boy Promotions believes that this was a safe fight booked for Amir in hopes to get him back into his winning ways after two very tough losses.  Carlos Molina has other plans, however, as he vows to not only take advantage of the physical and tactical weaknesses in Khan’s boxing game but also what he calls his mental weakness.”

    “I’m going to bring the nightmares back to Khan,” Molina said confidently in an exclusive interview on ThaBoxingVoice radio show.  He claims that when his opponent enters the ring with him on December 15th, he’s going to make Khan doubt himself and his decision to unofficially label this event as a “tune up fight.”

    Molina will be no walk in the park for Khan.  Critics that point to his relative inexperience, and height disadvantage, and claim that he stands no chance against Amir Khan should take a bit of a closer look into Molina’s record.  Molina has not lost many rounds on judges’ scorecards since turning pro in 2007.  In fact, he has won every contest by either unanimous decision or knockout with the exception of the sole blemish on the record, a split draw against a game Juan Montiel in August of last year, during a night in which Molina acknowledges that “things didn’t go as planned.”

    Even in the modern age of boxing, where the “0’s” on a boxer’s record are safeguarded like a Justin Bieber appearance in a frozen yogurt shop, these records don’t simply accumulate as a result of clever matchmaking.  Nor do they happen simply by accident or pure coincidence.  Molina has legitimate and refined boxing skills and he is out to prove to the world that he belongs in the ring with the best of them.

    Ultimately, anyone underestimating Molina should remember the heartfelt performance by Josesito Lopez against a bigger and stronger Victor Ortiz earlier in the summer.  Through the powers of free association, however, conjuring up those memories also makes us recall the collective wince we made when Canelo Alvarez landed his first powerful shot on Josesito just a few weeks later as if to remind the world of the reason why weight divisions exist in boxing.  While Lopez’s first fight energized the sport and reminded us of that anything can happen in this sport, the second fight reminded us of what usually happens when such unevenly matched opponents face each other in the ring.

    Despite all of this, once rumored as a potential opponent for Adrien Broner, Carlos Molina is a legitimate contender and was ecstatic when he received the nod to fight Khan.  He is calling this his coming out party and, as such, he wants to be sure to impress.  Some are already labeling this as a “you can lose the fight but win the event,” type of match up for Molina but the confident young man, and WBO Intercontinental Lightweight champion, is out to prove that those betting against him and underestimating his chances will be proven wrong on December 15th.


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