Casey Morton Turning Pro in September


    Casey Morton makes her long awaited pro debut. A talented women’s boxing standout , Casey looks to make her debut in September of this coming year. It has been an uphill struggle finding fights in the twilight of her amateur career as she transitions to the professional ranks often hoping for fights that will not come to fruition.

    Morton, a 2011 California Golden Gloves Champion, 2011 Regional USA Boxing Champion, and 2012 Adidas National Champion has numerous other awards including best female fighter of various tournaments as well as fight of the night hours. Morton, who campaigned between 114-119 lbs in the amateurs, has her eyes set on 115 lbs. in the pro ranks. “It’s a weight I feel comfortable with and I feel strong at this weigh class”Morton continued. “I have the ability to both be a pressure fighter in this weight class and a boxer, the weight class gives me lots of options.”

    Morton, who over the past year has found a full time head coach, something she had not had in a long time. Within the last year, Morton found coach Jairo Escobar whom is training her for her professional debut. Escobar is a young up and coming training in the San Francisco Bay Area who is working with a group of fighters ranging from Raquel Miller to Troy King. He has been gaining fame for his mitt work, but Escobar is far from just a man with fancy hands.

    “People think I just know the Mayweather style of mitts, but I work multiple styles that benefit my fighters,”Escobar explained.

    Morton known for her timing has been thrilled with the results from her work with Escobar. It’s the subtle details to the work, Escobar puts in that takes the work to the next levle. Then there is another unspoken fact of the training. Escobar has created a community for fighters who train their craft as he works them out of the World Class Boxing Gym in San Francisco, CA located in the culturally rich Mission district that has created an altruistic environment conducive to learning.

    The biggest difference for Morton, who moved to the San Francisco, CA when she was nineteen from her native Hawaii, is that she has a team behind her, something she felt was missing. For Morton it is the sense of a team, and the support system that has things mixing together perfectly at this moment.


    Morton who moved to the San Francisco at age nineteen has been pursuing her championship goals while focusing on at-risk youth speaking tell her own life narrative to packed rooms.

    For Morton, it’s more than just being a boxer, it’s being a role model and being some that can be relatable for those who have had to face hardships in their life.


    Before entering her first boxing gym, Morton learned about the sweet science in her native Hawaii. Morton explained how after moving often in childhood fights would ensue. It is more than just being a new kid in the neighborhood; it is a cultural institution of Hawaii that has the youth brought up to be warriors.



    Morton hopes to return to Hawaii a champion. The goal was that when she left and even more so now that she is embarking on her professional boxing career. Morton, who spends many of her days working at the Undisputed Boxing Gym in San Carlos, CA,, feels as though things are finally just coming together. Boxing is a long process, but with the help of a solid foundation and the support of the boxing network Morton created, it feels as though now is the time to act.


    Morton is hoping to return to the ring in September though a date, place, and opponent have yet to be determined. It appears as though Morton will have a date sometime in the beginning of August along with an opponent. For Morton it is a long time coming, as one of the most beloved amateurs in the San Francisco Bay Area she will now be transitioning to the professional ranks looking to accomplish her goals.