Chavez Jr. on Golovkin “I don’t see anything special”


Chavez-Golovkin-John-GaritaAfter Gennady Golovkin had beaten Martin Murray two weeks ago, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. took to Twitter and dared Golovkin to,” come up to my weight class.” He also put a challenge to Golovkin that if he could knock him out, Chavez Jr. would give Golovkin $1 million dollars.

Chavez Jr. and Golovkin were supposed to clash last year, but the bout never came off because Chavez Jr. claims he wanted out from his contract with Top Rank. He fights on April 18th seemingly free of his Top Rank contract with a pending lawsuit, however. Should he win, Golovkin’s name will probably be brought up again. Chavez Jr. is sticking to his challenge.

“I put one million dollars; he puts a million dollars. If he knocks me out, he wins the 2 million. If I knock him out, I win the 2 million,” Chavez Jr. told “If he or I win a decision, nobody wins the two million. It’s ok, and it’s good for boxing.”

While Golovkin has taken the boxing world by storm in two years, Chavez Jr. doesn’t seem too impressed by the Kazak fighter, especially in his last bout with Martin Murray.

“I expected the same Golovkin,” explained Chavez Jr. “He’s a good boxer, has a lot of condition, throws a lot of punches. He doesn’t have the speed of Pacquiao or Mayweather. The only thing I see is the power; I don’t see anything special in the skills. He’s a tough guy, very strong guy, good power, but I don’t see anything special.”