Chavez Jr. To Exclude His Father From Training Camp, Wants To Go By Julio Chavez From Now On


When a fighter losses a fight, there are many different aspects that they must look at to find out what contributed to their loss. Many times fighters will often overlook themselves and cast blame on those closest to them. Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.; or Julio Chavez as he wants to be called from now on is one of those fighters.

Since the loss to Sergio Martinez and his suspension time, it has given Chavez plenty of time to think about his career (and add on a few pounds at the same time). “I lost because of what happened outside the ring. It wasn’t a defeat in the ring. Family problems, problems with my team. My life was out of control. That’s what hurt the most,” said Chavez in an interview with El Universo.

One of the most surprising decisions that Chavez has made is to no longer have his father in his corner. “My father will no longer be in my corner. We have agreed to see each other only once a week because it is very difficult to keep that kind of relationship and be a family at the same time. That is why he will no longer be in my camps with me. He will never stop being my father and we love each other but this is something that we feel will be a positive thing to move forward in my career. We want to grow and mature and this will help us.”

Will cutting his father out of the camps help him? He seems like he already got rid of head trainer Freddie Roach after losing to Martinez. Was Roach at fault? Absolutely not. Roach tried his hardest but Chavez showed up and trained whenever he wanted. At least with his father, around he received some instruction that he listened to, kind of. Now with the absence of his father will he listen to a new coach or will he stay the same.

Aside from cutting his father from camp he will no longer be referred to as Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

“People do not understand what the image of being Julio Cedar Chavez Jr. has done to me. They say he (Chavez Sr.) has protected me and given me everything. The only benefit I had is the name, nothing else.”

Funny hearing that. Many in the boxing world have claimed had it not of been for his name or who his father is he would of never of been where he is at today. Had he been the son of Jose the field worker he would not of received the attention that he received since the first time he stepped into the ring.

Chavez will never be able to separate himself from his father, no matter how hard he tries. Should he decide to dedicate himself and continue fighting top opposition and better yet, beat them then he can make a name for himself. Until then he will remain a Jr. in many fans eyes.