Chris Eubank Jr: Will He Live up to his father?


Chris Eubank Jr. is a young fighter who naturally will always be in the spot-light. His father, a certain Mr. Chris Eubank is an eccentric character and a former world champion at middleweight and super-middleweight. This naturally places a lot of expectation at Eubank Jr.’s feet to try and live up to what his father achieved.

Eubank Jr. is a slick young fighter who looks like someone who is heading for the top of the sport. He seems to have a speed advantage on all opponents and seems to have incredible foot-work. He is a very flashy fighter who tries to annoy opponents in the ring with his showboating to make them react raggedly and fall into his trap.

Against Tyan Booth this last weekend, he was up against a man who proved to be a tough opponent. Booth is an awkward fighter who was considerably taller than himself. As a result, he had to work his way in and found it difficult to do so for several rounds before getting more success and stopping Booth in the 8th and final round. Despite Eubank Jr. struggling, it was good to see him show that he can learn on the job and work out how to get past a tricky opponent. 

There are many critics of Eubank Jr. and many want him to fail which seems harsh. Yes, he comes across very arrogantly but he looks to be a good young prospect as he is only 23 years old.

One issue for me is that he almost tries too hard to impress. It is as if he feels the pressure to live up to his dad so he tries to look so flashy that he can sometimes make mistakes and get hit. I expect this to be something that diminishes as he becomes more experienced and realizes that he is his own man.

I am excited at the prospect of this young man as he is able to do things which other boxers simply cannot do and at such a young age, he is going to improve hugely over the coming years. I predict good things for this young man and I see the only problem being trying to live with the pressure of being a boxer who is the son of the great Chris Eubank. Let’s hope that he deals with it fine and goes on to live up to his undoubted potential.