Cotto “Canelo doesn’t understand the whole business like it is”


box_g_2cottojayz576As first reported yesterday, Miguel Cotto made his huge announcement on ESPN’s First Take. That announcement was that Miguel Cotto signed with Roc Nation Sports and along that an alliance was created with Roc Nation Sports and Miguel Cotto Promotions.

As Miguel Cotto entered the restaurant in New York City afterwards to talk to the media, Cotto told the media as to why he went that route under the advisement of his lawyer/advisor Gabriel Penagaricano.

“Canelo doesn’t understand the whole business like it is,” Cotto told He has no knowledge of what he’s talking about.”

Cotto was in negotiations with Canelo Alvarez for a super showdown that was to happen this year. For whatever reason, the fight didn’t happen. Many felt it was because Miguel Cotto wanted the fight to be in New York and not in Las Vegas or Texas. Cotto says that really wasn’t the issue.

“I fight wherever I have to fight,” explained Cotto. “I don’t have any preference. At the end of the road, it’s only going to be Canelo and me in the ring and nobody else.”

Cotto left Top Rank Inc. in 2012 to secure a fight with Floyd Mayweather. After that fight, he remained a promotional free agent and fought under the Golden Boy Banner in a loss against Austin Trout. Then after he kept a working relationship again with Top Rank for his two fights against Delvin Rodriguez and last June when he won the Middleweight title from Sergio Martinez. So many in the industry felt Cotto didn’t need a promoter because guys like him, Mayweather, and Pacquiao are entities in themselves.

But Cotto said, “You’re wrong. Mayweather has Mayweather Promotions. Manny Pacquiao has Top Rank Promotions. Miguel Cotto has a promotional company. We are here in an alliance. Every boxer needs a promotional company. We’re here just making an alliance with Roc Nation.”

Speaking of Mayweather and Pacquiao, Cotto feels his trainer Freddie Roach will be the difference.

“It’s a tough fight. I think the factor of Freddie Roach is going to be a huge difference in this fight.”