Cotto is great but I’m ready to fight him, says GGG


    Miguel Cotto - Gennady GolovkinWhen Gennady Golovkin arrived at the Barclays Center in New York, it was almost as if a rock star walked into the arena. He was mobbed by fans, pictures flashing, it nearly took him 20 minutes to get to his seat.

    As he got to his seat, he saw Miguel Cotto destroy one of his former opponents in Daniel Geale.

    Cotto stopped Geale in four rounds while it took Gennady three. Golovkin says Cotto looked amazing doing what he did to Daniel Geale.

    “His performance was very nice, very good,” Golovkin told “First of all congratulations to Miguel and his team Freddie and his family. He looked amazing today.”

    While Golovkin is the mandatory to Cotto’s WBC Middleweight title, it seems like what’s next on the tilt is Cotto-Alvarez.

    While Cotto stood firm on facing Canelo and called it “just another fight” when HBO’s Max Kellerman asked Cotto about Triple G, it seemed like the tone in Cotto’s voice changed.

    Cotto stood his ground and told Kellerman that after Canelo if Triple G is available then why not?

    In the same interview, Cotto told Kellerman that he wasn’t a true Middleweight. Golovkin feels the pounds mean little because he is holding the belt and looking good in the ring.

    “Right now he’s champion WBC in the Middleweight division,” Golovkin said. “Right now it doesn’t matter how many pounds he weighs; he’s a great champion. My goal is to get all the belts in the Middleweight division. I want to fight with him.”

    Golovkin was asked if he would make Miguel Cotto a ‘good boy’ and his response was, “I respect Miguel, and I respect everybody. Miguel is a great champion. Everybody’s a good boy.”

    In terms of a fight between Cotto and Canelo, Golovkin says, “This is boxing. Miguel and Canelo, two great champions, I don’t know who’d win.”