Cotto on Negotiations with Canelo: ‘It’s Done in Oscar’s Mind and in Bob’s Mind but in Miguel Cotto’s Mind It’s Not’


    miguel-cotto_416x416Miguel Cotto was on hand at the WBC Convention and while the masses were celebrating the past and the future at the Convention, the focus of Miguel Cotto-Canelo Alvarez could not be escaped by Cotto. Is the deal done? Is it close? Miguel Cotto played Miguel Cotto well with a poker face and poker answerws

    “We’re just waiting on our dance partner. We’re always going to pick the best option,” Cotto told “All we’ve discussed with Canelo is up in the air, all is negotiations, and there is nothing definite at this point.”

    Oscar De La Hoya had went public letting the world know that Canelo had agreed to his part of the deal, Cotto’s response was, “If it’s done in Oscar’s mind and in Bob’s (Arum) mind but in Miguel Cotto’s mind, it’s not.”

    When asked about his newly announced mandatory Gennady Golovkin, Cotto stated, “He’s a great fighter and a great champions and we’ll see what happens next.”

    Cotto told ThaBoxingVoice that the Canelo side now has his terms and the balls in their court now.

    “We’ve made what we wanted clear to the other side and now we’re waiting on the other side to respond,” explained Cotto. “Miguel’s always going to go to what benefits Miguel the most, so now we’re just waiting. All I want is the best for my career. I didn’t put any conditions on Canelo. I’m simply just letting them know what I think I’m worth and earned the right to do so throughout the years. The balls in their court so now they can decide what they want to do.

    Cotto said the date and venue have no preference and anything being mentioned is all rumors in the air.

    “There’s nothing concrete right now so I’m going to be patient and it’s all speculation so we’ll see what the new year brings.”