Cotto Pretends He May Fight Golovkin, Says GGG Needs To Be Patient


Cotto Golovkin 2Just a quick bit on Miguel Cotto’s reason for not defending his middleweight title against boxing’s current boogeyman, hard punching Gennady Golovkin.

Nestor Gibbs of had a chance to ask Miguel Cotto if he thought it was fair for fans to be demanding a fight between himself and Gennady Golovkin at this time. Gibbs even pointed out the fact that Cotto hasn’t even had the chance to defend his middleweight title yet but Cotto didn’t need that excuse, he already had one of his own.

“I wait… my time sometimes in my career. Golovkin has to sit, have patience and wait at this time. That’s all.

That’s it. That’s all the middleweight champion had to say. Cotto has had to wait. Now Golovkin will have to wait.

Does Cotto mean to convince us that he is teaching the 33 year-old Golovkin some kind of lesson about patience in the sport? It may just because English is Cotto’s second language, but I sensed some bitterness in his short reply. It was as if he were talking about an impatient child.

Maybe Cotto is just angry that a name keeps coming up that he wants no part of. Miguel Cotto is in the driver’s seat of his career and with nothing left to prove; having his brains beat in by a guy like Golovkin is not something he needs. Triple G’s star is rising, but he does not sell enough tickets (yet) to make a fight with him worth the risk.

So yeah, in my opinion Cotto is ducking Golovkin, but I support it. We don’t need to see Cotto take another beating in his career. His heart and willingness to go to war were proven long ago.

Something about his response still irks me. Why does Cotto have to bullshit us? He’s acting like he’s going to grant the fight when Triple G deserves it but do any of us believe that? Right now Golovkin is the most dangerous and dominant fighter in his division. If Cotto wants to say that Gennady hasn’t earned a shot at his title yet, I am going to say that Cotto is a fibber. The truth is that Cotto will never fight him. That’s it. It’s probably time for all of us to accept that fact and move on.