Daniel Cormier: You can not possibly believe GSP beats De La Hoya in a boxing match


    Oscar De La Hoya and Ryan Kavanaugh have been campaigning for Georges St-Pierre to step into the boxing ring with De La Hoya for his comeback but to no avail. GSP himself wants the fight but cannot get it as Dana White of the UFC will not permit it. It would be the biggest payday of GSP’s career but what does he have to lose in this situation?

    Former UFC two-division champion Daniel Cormier there is a lot to lose not just for GSP but for MMA as a whole.

    “I gotta be honest, I don’t know. I think it’s too risky for us as a community to have a guy like Georges St-Pierre boxing Oscar De La Hoya,” Cormier said on DC & Helwani. ” Great for ‘GSP’ in terms of the money he will make but too risky. Because even at-I don’t know if Oscar’s gotta be mid-50s at this point-it’s too risky for ‘GSP’ to go and fight him because if he gets beat, if he gets starched, it’s a bad look when the greatest fighter of all time is out there getting beat or knocked out or just dominated by a 55-year old boxer.”

    “You can not possibly believe Georges St-Pierre beats Oscar De La Hoya in a boxing match. Like, reality. Does not matter, dude’s an Olympic champ boxer. No, man. That’s why I don’t want to see it. It’s too risky. Maybe GSP does win but I don’t believe he does so whatever. Might as well not even do it.”

    As of this moment there has been no progress in the fight being made and one has to wonder how much longer can Oscar and Triller hold out for until they begin to make offers elsewhere?