Daniel Geale and Darren Barker Ready For War and Confident Of A Victory


    On Saturday, August 17th, Daniel Geale will make his American debut as he defends his IBF middleweight title against Darren Barker in Atlantic City.
    There is a lot of hype leading up to the fight and the fighters are both confident going into the fight and the winner is in line for a big opportunity.
    Darren Barker has had his eye on Geale for quite some time but believes he can prevail victorious with his skills. “I’ve kept tabs on him as I have other fighters that I have fought in the amateurs,” said Barker. ” I believe I am stronger, I hit harder, I am quicker.”
    Barker last fought in Atlantic City in October of 2011 against Sergio Martinez. Barker not only fought a smart fight but most importantly showed that Martinez is not invincible and can be beaten. He is grateful to be in a headlining bout once again in the U.S. even though he can draw huge crowds back in the U.K.
    ” U.K. boxing is doing really well but it would be nice for me to showcase my skills in the states especially Atlantic City where I came up short last time. I learned a lot more about myself. I have always had the ability but you can never gauge how good of a fighter you are.”
    Daniel Geale is used to the road warrior life. He enjoys fighting on the road but for this fight in the U.S. it will be neutral territory which will allow him to showcase his skills to a crown that is not influenced by a local fighter. Geale will not let the fact that it is his first time in front of an American crowd affect him mentally and he will not try to show off.
    ” You come to the U.S. and try to impress and that’s when you fall down. I’m just going to be me and show the American public, the American boxing fans what I am like, what I am as a boxer,” said Geale. ” My job is just to win my next fight . Not only do I have to go out and beat Darren Barker, I have to do it well and show the American boxing fans what I am and what I do because I want to come back and fight again .”
    Promoter Eddie Hearn knows how close of a fight is expected but expects his fighter (Barker) to be victorious.
    ” I think it’s a great fight,” said Hearn. ” I think the bookies (should) make the odds a 50-50 fight. Obviously we think Darren is going to win but you know it’s a really good fight. Geale is relentless in his work rate. Darren is a very clever fighter. I think it is going to be really good to watch . I just think it’s his (Barker’s) time. I think he is going to draw on the experience. He has fought in Atlantic city before (against Martinez). Two years ago when he fought Martinez, he is a totally different fighter now. Everything has geared him up for this moment . This time, I don’t think he can see himself losing the fight. I think he is too clever. I think he punches to hard. I think the mental state is a big advantage in a fight like this.”
    Geale knows what he needs to do to be victorious but knows that he is underrated and overlooked by many opponents including Barker.
    “He (Barker) talks like he is better than me but I know he is not. I know that I am better because I have stepped up against quality opponents. Most people they come up against me, they underrate me, they don’t think that I am as good as I am until we get into that ring. I’m technical, I can move, I’m hard to hit. I believe I have added a lot more to my boxing. I need to stick to what I do best. Be confident in myself and have a high work rate. I know that most fighters don’t like the way that I fight.”

    The options to the victor are great. Fights against Felix Sturm, Sergio Martinez and Gennady Golovkin are all on the cards as possible opponents but if their fight lives up to its expectations we may see a rematch before they move on to other opponents.