Daniel Geale: Mundine first, then we’ll go after Golovkin, Quillin, and Martinez


    Daniel Geale is at a point in his career in which he is looking to maximize both his business opportunities in the ring and his reputation as amongst boxing’s elite.

    In an interview with Thaboxingvoice.com, Geale discussed his upcoming bout with fellow Australian middleweight Anthony Mundine, the only fighter to beat him in 29 fights. “I guess it is a little bit funny he wants me now, now that I do have 2 titles, but that’s the way it goes, we’re willing to take that risk.”

    But this is definitely not a risk that bears no reward. A clash with Mundine would be a huge national attraction and one of the biggest boxing events ever held in Australia.

    After the split decision loss, Geale was very keen on an immediate rematch, he went on to reflect; “It was a close first fight, but it was an entertaining one, I believe another one soon afterwards would have been great for Australian boxing but he didn’t come at that.”

    Geale has made great strides since the 2009 bout, unifying the WBA and IBF belts in 160 lb division. Many would question his motivations in facing Mundine at this point in his career; Mundine hasn’t built upon the victory with any meaningful fights, suffering an upset loss in the process. It’s unlikely that Geale is solely motivated by revenge, Mundine still has a huge following in their native Australia and his brash, outspoken personality is the perfect compliment to the low key and reserved Geale in hyping up the clash. Geale and his often referenced “team” appear to have a plan to bolster his national profile; in a fight they would deem to be low risk and then move on to the more lucrative challenges internationally.

    Having captured both his title on German shores, a country notorious for being difficult to gain any sway with judges, its clear Geale has no issues in travelling or taking on tough fights. In discussing potential matchups he identified, newly crowned WBO champion Peter Quillin as possibly his most lucrative option and at the same time conceding the fight that would validate his abilities and standing would be against the Hard hitting ‘boogeyman’ of the division, Gennady Golovkin. He mentioned that he’s sure many still have “doubts” in him, which he’s determined to overcome and make the world “take notice”.

    It’s a double edged sword with the target ultimately being the No.1 ranked middleweight Sergio Martinez. But what is clear is, despite the path Geale follows he feels “its time for the big fights” to prove he is indeed the ‘Real Deal’ of the middleweight division.


    For full audio of this interview click here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/thaboxingvoiceradioshow/2012/10/21/daniel-gaele-anthony-mundine-face-off-on-thaboxingvoice