Danny Garcia Feels If He Keeps Winning PPV’s Will Come, Says Matthysse Still A Quality Fighter

ThaBoxing Voice  caught up with WBC & WBA light welterweight champion, Danny ‘Swift’ Garcia in camp last week.
ThaBoxingVoice: People labelled you the “Machine killer” after the Lucas Martin Matthysse win. Headlines in the media is that you retired him because he hasn’t fought yet. Do you find it strange he hasn’t signed for a fight yet or is it okay because you’re just about to fight in a couple of weeks and it’s not a big difference?
Danny Garcia“You know I don’t know why he hasn’t fought yet. I heard he had a broken retina bone on his eye so I don’t know, that could affect training, sparring and healing so if that’s the case that’s why he hasn’t fought. That takes time to heal but i’m pretty sure he’ll be back, he’s only 30 years old”
TBV: Your father thinks, people think they can do what you did to Lucas Martin Matthysse. You’ve been in the ring with him, do you feel he’s just all hype or just as good as advertised and it just takes a world class fighter to beat him?
DG: “No, I think he’s as good as he was man. He’s hard, he’s a strong fighter. He does a lot of sneaky counters too, a lot of sneaky counters over the top and  sneaky body shots. He was who he was, he just got beat off a great fighter, that’s all that was”
TBV: Has his team tried to exercise a rematch, even though there was probably no rematch clause there?
DG: “No after the Lucas Martin Matthysse fight there was nothing from his camp or Golden Boy. Nothing from my manager, nothing from his manager. It was just I beat him and that was it. His name never got brought up and usually if somebody would say something it would be Richard Schaefer. There was no smoke in the air about a rematch so we had to move on. At  the end of the day I was the champion and I defended my title.” 
TBV: Coming into this fight with Mauricio Herrera, are there any anxiousness because this is your first fight in Puerto Rico for you and it’s something you’ve been asking Golden Boy to do for a long time. Now it’s your turn to shine, you’re bringing it back to Puerto Rico. Are you a little nervous for this?
DG: “I’m excited man, I can’t wait to go out there and you know smell the beautiful air and getting the sun. I’ve finally got what I deserve, you know fighting in Puerto Rico, in front of the Puerto Rico fans. I’m so proud, I’ve been working so hard. That motivates me so much, to go out there and fight. I’m in tip-top shape and i’m going to go out there and give the fans a great fight”
TBV: Now how do you embrace the Puerto Rican fans come fight night?
DG“Oh yeah, they’re going to love me man. I’m coming out with the flag and some Spanish music, it’s going to be a big night, Puerto Rico is mine that night!!”
TBV: When we spoke about legacy again you mentioned you didn’t need to fight Floyd Mayweather Jr. So how do you plan to get to a PPV level?
DG: “To be honest with you i’m on a PPV level right now, just my opponent wasn’t so if I fight any top fighter out there, it’s going to be on PPV. A lot of fighters fight on PPV, just to fight on PPV. Are they doing the numbers? We don’t know. The people that do they numbers are Floyd Mayweather Jr & Manny Pacquiao but you know I believe i’m a PPV fighter, i’m one of the most exciting boxers right now. So I got to keep winning and everything will come in time.”
TBV: This fight with Mauricio Herrera. In this fight you spoke to us last week on the radio show about legacy and wanting to establish your own, not needing any other name in the division to do that. How do you establish on planning your own legacy?
DG“One fight at a time, just like I’ve been doing. From when I first won the world title, fighting elite fighters, named fighters, tough opponents. Sometimes you don’t need a big fighter to have a classy fight. Those are the fighters that are promoted well and want to make a statement so I know he’s going to come March 15th with everything he’s got and it’s only going to lead up to a great fight”
TBV: We interviewed him as well and he mentioned this was a shot of a lifetime so he’s giving it his all. He also believes that Ruslan Provodnikov was a tougher fight than with you but he hasn’t fought you yet!?
DG“You know, that’s the only thing he has. That’s the only reason he got this fight because he beat him. That was like 3 years ago, it was a 10 round fight. But when you’re fighting for a world title it’s a whole different atmosphere. It’s not just a regular fight you understand? Yeah he beat him but who did Ruslan Provodnikov beat. It is what it is man. I don’t give a shit who he bea.t”
TBVMauricio Herrera‘s known to be a spoiler, he’s the only guy to hold a win over Ruslan Provodnikov outside of Timothy Bradley. Do you think this is going to be a tougher fight than you and your father thought?
DG: “I know it’s going to be a tough fight, I always prepare for a tough fight. I know it’s going to be a 12 round battle. He’s hungry, I know he wants to be world champion, you can never put that past nobody. I know he’s going to come and fight but I’ve been in tough fights before too and it’s just another fight for me.”
Don’t miss Danny Garcia‘s next fight vs Mauricio Herrera. Saturday March 15th LIVE from Coliseo Ruben Rodriguez, Bayamon, Puerto Rico.