Danny Garcia “I’m Not Like All These Other Fighters Who Just Want Floyd For The Payday, I’m Building My Own Legacy”


Raise your hand if you thought Danny Garcia would be the undisputed king of the 140 lb division, in the top 10 pound for pound in the world, and on the short list of acceptable opponents for Floyd Mayweather? I didn’t and not many people with a straight face can admit that. Garcia just wins. He was a heavy underdog versus Amir Khan and knocked him out in 4 rounds. Then when faced with the boogeyman at 140lbs, Lucas Matthysse, Garcia just outsmarted and out boxed the Argentine to a 12 round decision victory on the biggest pay-per-view event of the last 5 years.

Once felt by many as under promoted, Garcia is getting his spot light fight in an attempt to grow his Puerto Rican fan base. Garcia who is from Puerto Rican decent by way of Philadelphia will take on rugged 140 lb Mauricio Herrera in Puerto Rico on March 15th. In a sense, it’s a showcase fight but Garcia isn’t taking it lightly.

“There’s no easy fight in boxing and we go prepare like every other fight. I’m even pushing myself harder. I got to go in there on my A game and go out and destroy. I believe I can knock anybody out. It’s a matter of the punch landing and timing it right, if not win a 12 round decision,” Garcia told ThaBoxingVoice.com.

But the mission is clear Garcia says, “It’s about the Puerto Rican fans. That’s the mission, to try and grow my fans in Puerto Rico and give them a great show.”

Herrera was a recent guest of Tha Boxing Voice show and stated clearly that the Garcia’s were trying to hard to win the Puerto Rican fans over and are overlooking him because he feels that the Garcia camp is approaching this as an easy fight.

Garcia response to that was, “We ain’t begging nobody. At the end of the day I’m still getting paid like me or not.They’re (Puerto Ricans) going to go crazy because that night I’m representing Puerto Rico. They ain’t going to go for no Mexicans in Puerto Rico.”

While many people like Danny, a lot turn a sour eye when it comes to his outspoken father. In his two fights in 2013, Angel Garcia could be seen at press conferences going after Zab Judah and making statements about Lucas Matthysse. At the press conference in Puerto Rico, Angel was a little more reserved and Herrera also felt that was another sign of the Garcia camp taking him lightly. Danny Garcia feels differently.

“It’s not really much to say about him. We just going to approach the fight like we do any other, take care of business. He didn’t say nothing smart, so he didn’t get the treatment. If he says something he knows he’s going to get attacked, so he was smart. That’s not the fight (referring to Angel Garcia). He’s got to worry about me March 15th, he don’t got to worry about my dad at the press conference, he has to worry about me in the ring,” explained Garcia.

In the ring Garcia has been elite, so elite that after his fight with Matthysse, people were angling for him to land a Floyd Mayweather fight this year. Garcia’s name doesn’t appear on any polls but it doesn’t bother him because he’s out on his own journey building his own career.

“I’m not really worried about polls and all that. Mayweather is building his own legacy; I’m building my own legacy. I’m not like all these other fighters who just want Floyd for the payday. Whoever I’m going in there with, I’m going into win. So you know at the end of the day I let my manager does his job and I do my job and that’s beat who they put in front of me.”


For Audio of This Interview click here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/thaboxingvoiceradio/2014/02/21/danny-garcia-angel-garcia-plus-adam-abramowitz-live-tha-boxing-voice