Danny Garcia-Lamont Peterson May Still Be for a Unification at 140


    Danny-Garcia-PicThere have been recent reports Danny Garcia vs. Lamont Peterson will be held at a catchweight, thus eliminating the elation of a unification bout at the 140-pound division. Despite this competitive bout being aired on NBC, criticism still resurfaced because of the aura of a meaningful fight had diminished to a certain extent. Boxing fans immediately showed their dissatisfaction through social media on the way this bout was being handled.

    Now in a recent interview with Tha Boxing Voice, Garcia refutes the bout being held at 143 pounds. He explained, “Well the catchweight isn’t for sure. I’m a clear that up, that’s just something I brought up I shouldn’t have never said that. It might still be a unification bout.”

    Even though there seems to be no contractual agreement on the weight limit just yet, Garcia reiterated the point he’s going to be fighting on April 11th against Peterson regardless of what weight the fight is held at. The initial thought process behind the catchweight was the fact that Garcia was coming off a long lay-off and was unsure if his body would still feel suitable to make 140 pounds. Garcia has been adamant in the past that he wants to eventually move up to the welterweight division.

    When asked if he prefers the fight to be held at 143 or 140 pounds he expressed the weight is not imperative. He stated, “Danny Garcia is back in action and that’s all that matters.”