Danny Garcia Says He’ll Be One of the Best 140 Pound Fighters Ever After He Beats Lamont Peterson


    Danny-Garcia-PicIt is hard to argue with the fact that Danny Garcia is the number one junior welterweight in the world. Even if you can find some debate, the truth is he has done more than enough to earn the spot. Garcia knows this and isn’t shy about calling it the way he sees it.

    “I feel like I’m the best 140 pound fighter in the world. There [are] a lot of good fighters at 140 and I’ve faced the best. I did a lot,” Garcia told FightHype.com in a video posted on their website.

    In the FightHype video, Garcia gives specifics on why he is the best and the facts really stack up.

    Garcia mentions how he fought Lucas Matthysse when no one else wanted to. He beat Matthysse and survived his best shots. As impressive as that victory was, Garcia fails to mention Amir Khan as one of his claims to fame.

    Garcia was the underdog in the Khan fight and some suggested that Golden Boy was cashing Garcia out in the fight, but he dodged the odds and found success with his power by stopping Khan.

    Garcia has a fight with Lamont Peterson on April 11th and the bout will act as the main event for Al Haymon’s “Premier Boxing Champions” series on NBC, the show will be the second scheduled event in the series.

    Peterson is definitely a worthy challenger and a solid name to put on any resume, but he isn’t as prestigious as either Matthysse or Khan. A win for Garcia will only further solidify his legacy at 140 and the Philadelphia fighter believes that the win will create the argument that he is the best junior welterweight of all-time.

    “I feel like I’m one of the best 140 pound fighters ever after this fight with Lamont Peterson.”

    This is a bold statement, but if he defeats Peterson then the argument can be made with real consideration, although the debate will probably rage.