David Haye to Silence Tyson Fury?


    David Haye is no stranger to controversy or popping off at the mouth. Those attributes combined with his talent has made him a huge star not just in England but all over the world. Along with success comes criticism, especially from another British fighter who loves to pop off at the mouth as well.

    When it comes to top fighters in the world Tyson Fury has called them out. You name ’em,  he has called them out whether they box or not. UFC fighter Cain Velasquez has been a name that Fury has called out repeatedly and like every other top fighter in the world, Fury has been unable to land a big fight.

    Fury recently fought former cruiserweight champion Steve “USS” Cunningham winning via KO. Cunningham was able to knock Fury down but Fury wore down Cunningham for the knockout in a foul filled fight on Fury’s part.

    After all was said and done Fury wants David Haye next and he has Haye’s attention. If Cunningham was able to knock down Fury then Haye would be able to do more than knock Fury down; he would knock him out.

    Should the fight happen it would do very well in North America but even better in England. I am sure Haye would love to shut Fury’s mouth once and for all and reclaim his spot as England’s top heavyweight.