Dawson Understands Why Pascal Went for Bute, Wants Winner Next


    Chad Dawson will make his ring return this June 8th in Montreal, Quebec Canada against Haitian born Canadian Adonis Stevenson but that was not the original Canadian that Dawson was slated to face.

    Originally Dawson was going to put his titles on the line against the first man to ever defeat him as a professional; Jean Pascal. Instead Pascal signed to fight fellow Canadian Lucian Bute for the biggest match possibly in Canadian History.

    Even though it caught Dawson by surprise it did not seem to upset him. “It was a business move. I can’t knock that. It’s a business move. Him and Bute up in Canada is a big fight and they are a big draw and will; ne sellout so I can’t knock him for that but my whole thing is what happens if Bute beats him? Then I think our rematch would go out the window again. Regardless I am going to look good (on my fight) on June 8th. I am going to be myself. I am going to be flashy and my hand speed will be back. Those are the things that I am working on. Whatever happens with Pascal-Bute I would love to get the winner,” said Dawson.

    Dawson will have to be impressive in his fight with Stevenson to build that a fight against the Pascal-Bute winner because there are talks of Pascal and Bute fighting in a trilogy.