De La Hoya “Matthysse all the way, He’s not only a technician but can bang”


lucas-matthysse-vs-roberto-ortiz-06-photo-by-naoki-fukudaWe’re exactly a month away from one of the most anticipated fights in boxing. On April 18th from Verona, New York, Lucas Matthysse will take on Rusland Provodnikov. Many people involved in boxing are saying this is the can’t miss fight in boxing. Matthysse’s promoter, Oscar De Lay Hoya says fights like these are what are going to revive boxing.

Matthysse-Provodnikov, I really cannot wait for that fight.” De La Hoya told ESNews. “We are going to see explosiveness, nonstop action. These are the type of fights boxing and its fan deserve; action and explosiveness. That’s the way you revive boxing putting the bets styles together to create that excitement that the fans want to see, Provodnikov-Matthysse is no exception. That’s going to be guaranteed action, no questions ask.”

While De La Hoya predicts a war, he says Matthysse-Provodnikov will be on par with Canelo Alvarez and James Kirkland when we talk about fight of the year when it’s all said and done.

“Everybody’s predicting fight of the year,” stated De La Hoya. “I’m predicting fight of the year with Canelo-Kirkland. It’s going to be one of those fights which is explosiveness. Nobody runs here. They fight. That’s how you bring back boxing by giving the fans the fight they want to see.”

The clash of styles is what makes Matthysse-Provodnikov fun. If you add into the fact that they don’t back down and you can see why everyone’s excited for this fight. Maybe De La Hoya is playing homer here as he is favoring his fighter Lucas Matthysse but says people would be a fool if they can’t out Provodnikov.

“Matthysse all the way,” laughed De La Hoya. “But you can’t sleep on Provodnikov. Look what he did to Bradley. Matthysse is a fighter who’s not only a technician but can bang. I can’t wait.”