Degale’s Move To Matchroom Sets Up Another Possible Big Domestic Showdown


    With the widely expected news that James Degale has signed the ever expanding Eddie Hearn Matchroom Stable following his departure from Hennessey Sports, an intriguing situation arises.

    Degale aged 28 is an extremely talented boxer who holds an Olympic gold medal to his name from the 2008 Beijing Olympics and currently holds a record of 18 wins and 1 loss as a professional.Degale has endured a frustrating last few years following his contentious defeat to George Groves and has been forced to live in the shadow of Groves in recent times. Groves has gone on to get his big shot against Carl Froch and has made a real name for himself whilst Degale has quietly gone about his job working his way up the world rankings.
    Under Mick Hennessey, Degale was forced to fight in small venues such as Glow at Bluewater in Kent. Frankly, Degale is well beyond boxing in small arenas like this. He is a man who can achieve good things in this sport and the move to Matchroom will allow him to do this.
    You have to feel sorry for Hennessey who has worked hard to get Degale the shot at the WBC title and moved Degale right up in the rankings.
    Degale will now go down a different route to his shot at a world title. It has been confirmed that Degale will be involved in a final eliminator for the IBF title. This fight will take place on May 31st on the undercard of Froch v Groves 2.
    This is a massive opportunity for Degale and he must grab it with both hands if he is to fulfil his undoubted potential. This is going to be a massive night for British boxing and Degale being on the card only adds to its value.
    If Degale comes through successfully against Brandon Gonzales than he will face the winner of Froch v Groves. This is massive new for both Degale and for British boxing. This means that there is going to be another huge domestic fight for British fight fans to relish.
    Degale will be so determined to come through his fight with the unbeaten 29 year old Gonzales in order to set up the big matches that he feels he deserves to be in.
    Gonzales is not a man to be taken lightly and holds an impressive record of 18 wins and 1 draw. Degale will have to have his mind on the job, but he will be confident of success on the night.
    In recent times, Degale has seemed uninterested in what he’s doing and that is completely understandable. He knows he is a good fighter but wasn’t being given the chances to show that against good opposition.Degale should be a much more focused individual as a result of this move and this should bring out the best in him. He is the sort of guy who thrives on the big stage and who may finally be able to show his full potential to fight fans.
    He states that we as fight fans have only seen a fraction of what he can do and that the better the level of opposition he is in with the better he will perform. If this is true we cannot tell at this stage but we will no finally get to see what he is made of.
    They fought of another big domestic dust-up is thrilling and is helping to create a real buzz for boxing in Britain at the moment. These big fights go beyond the mere boxing fanatics and capture the imagination of the general public. This is what our sport needs.  Boxing needs to make the back pages of major papers more often and the bigger fights we get the more coverage and money the sport gets.