Demarcus Corley Insinuates Pacquiao was “Blood Doping”


Floyd Mayweather Jr., Demarcus CorleyIt has been a long time since Boxing has seen such a divide between fans, media, and fighters in the sport as it is today. With the mega fight just over a month away between Welterweight Kingpins Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, the line drawn in the sand has never been so deep and defined. On top of the excitement for the in-ring theatrics, the build up to the fight has been nothing short of a media whirlwind.

In addition to Former World Champion Zab Judah, former WBO titlist Demarcus “Chop Chop” Corley has been added to the roster of sparring partners to help Mayweather in preparation for the upcoming May 2nd fight. Corley is not a stranger to being inside the ropes with Mayweather. In May of 2004, Corley became the 32nd fighter to lose on the way Mayweather’s current lucrative 47 win streak.

For some time, Corley pegged the Philippine star Pacquiao to win over the proverbial pound for pound king Mayweather. Now in a recent interview with Dontae’s Boxing Nation that can be found on YouTube, Corley has changed his pick on who he thinks will win the fight and he provided explanation centered around one of the sports biggest controversy; the use of illegal blood doping.

Corley speculates that during Pacquiao’s run in the early part of his Welterweight career against Oscar De La Hoya, Miguel Cotto, and Antonio Margarito he was using a blood transfusion technique often referred to as “Blood Doping”.

Corley described what is involved in the process and what he feels is the reason for the recent decline of Pacquiao’s success inside the ring Corley stated “You take blood out (of the athlete), you put it in the refrigerator let it store oxygen, and you put it back in your body. They said Manny Pacquaio was doing that. Manny hasn’t been knocking anyone out since then”.

He went on to say “He (Pacquiao) was a much bigger fighter then” Corley continued, “People said he was blood doping. That was the story running around. You haven’t seen him destroy nobody since this stuff has came to the table of all these random drug tests you gotta take”.