Deontay Wilder – Lucas Browne Possible?


With technology as advanced as it is communication throughout the world is available at almost everyone’s fingertips. In the boxing community it seems social media (mainly Twitter) is where fights get made and promoted.

A heavyweight clash may be on the rise between American heavyweight Deontay Wilder and Australian heavyweight Lucas Browne after an exchange of words were exchanged on Twitter and it all started with a Deontay Wilder tweet.

“(Laughs) It’s funny how I’ve stirred the heavyweight division up and how some of these heavyweights are so jealous of me. 31-0, 31KO’s,” stated Wilder.

Browne responded to Wilder, “when you going to step up bro…take on someone who will hit you back twice as hard. See if you still have that 0 then.”

After Wilder stated to Browne  (who is and has been trying to make a name for himself in the heavyweight mix) that he was coming across like Tyson Fury he said he would 100% accept the fight with Browne as long as his people are contacted by Browne’s handlers about the fight.

“I tell you what, get your handler to contact my people and let’s end this once and for all. If I get the call I promise you 100% I will accept. You talk of making a name for yourself; I feel you but I’m the wrong one for that and I can promise you that your career will start and end with me. I’m done with this. Enjoy your day.”

A bout between the two heavyweights would be an entertaining one. Both fighters pack a heavy punch and are undefeated and would answer a few questions such as who hits harder and the most important, who can take the harder punches.