Deontay Wilder On The Scott KO: The Right Hand Really Didn’t Take Him Out. The Left Hook To The Temple Did It


    Three days have passed since golden Boy Promotions put on a successful show in Puerto Rico while showcasing Danny Garcia but one of the biggest stories of the night was the heavyweight showdown between Deontay Wilder and Malik Scott in which wilder scored a first round knockout over Scott which many felt was suspect.

    Wilder spoke up about the incident due to many claims that Scott went down from a phantom right hand and said the right was the finishing touch from a left hook to Scott’s temple which did the damage that resulted in the KO.

    “I definitely thought it was going to go more than one round,” said Wilder. “I was anticipating a full twelve rounds. The thing people don’t understand is I got power in both hands. The right hand really didn’t take him out. The left hook to the temple is what really did it. The temple shot is a beast shot and it stirred him up and the right hand just put the finishing touches, like putting the cherry on the whipped cream and people don’t understand that. You’re not in the ring. You’re not going to understand. Even when you see the slow motion people are expecting that the right hand did it. ”