Despite Not Landing The Canelo Fight Lara Knows Opportunities Are Around The Corner


    It is very seldom in life that things will go your way a majority of the time and that is a lesson that Erislandy Lara has learned time and time again.

    Lara has been chasing a showdown with Mexican superstar Saul “Canelo” Alvarez for quite some time and with Lara’s victory over Austin Trout there might have been a chance in Lara’s mind to land the fight but it seems like in reality there was never a chance that Golden Boy wanted to make that fight.

    Lara’s trainer Ronnie Shields understands the business side of Canelo being matched up against Angulo and with no world title in the mix for the fight it has made it easier for Lara to accept that he did not got the fight even though there was still dissapointment.

    “The thing about it is we have no control over who they match the fighters with,” said Shields. “We were disappointed we didn’t get Canelo but I understand how boxing works. Both of these guys are really good fighters, both are coming off of loses  and they want to pit them against each other and it’s not for a world title so for us, we are just looking for the big fights.”

    So when will Lara get the big fights? At times he may be a bit hard to sell due to his defense first but that is the Cuban style and they are masters of taming opponents. In reality it is up to Golden Boy to push Lara to get those fights and take risks pitting tough fighters against him to make him more of a sell and once they do that then both the fighter and promoter win.

    ” Lara, he realises he is going to get his opportunity and sooner or later it is going to come,” assured Shields. “He is going to be prepared and he is going to take advantage of it.”