Despite Split-Decision, Pablo Cano Dominates Ashley Theophane


In the September 14th pay-per-view headlined by Floyd Mayweather vs. Saul “Canelo” Alvarez, a ten round welterweight bout between Pablo Cesar Cano (27-3-1, 20 knockouts) and Ashley Theophane (33-6-1, 10 knockouts) was chosen to open the broadcast. The intrigue of the match-up was based on the fact that both fighters had something to prove. For Cano, a win would show that despite two back-to-back losses he still remains as a tough outing to anyone in the division. For Theophane however, a win would provide a certain sense of legitimacy that he has yet to reach. The fact that Theophane is now a part of “The Money Team” only intensifies the pressure as most have come to expect future champions from the stable of fighters.

Many were expecting Theophane to dictate the pace of the fight from bell-to-bell, but it was Cano who charged out of his corner as soon as the opening bell rang. As Cano swarmed his opponent he wasted no time in brutalizing the body of Theophane. Rather than respond with this own attack, Theophane remained tentative. Cano continued in his calculated yet vicious attack until Theophane managed to finally throw some significant offense in the final minute of the round. With a couple of hooks beginning to land it appeared Theophane had gotten out of his slow start. Instead it would be too little too late once one realized that the previous two minutes were controlled by Cano.

In the following rounds, it appeared as if Theophane had finally warmed up from his rather slow start. Showcasing solid combinations, footwork, and tremendous hand speed it appeared as if Theophane had all the tools to dismantle the veteran, Cano. Instead, Theophane’s growing confidence only allowed for Cano to tag him with a vicious right hand that briefly staggers him. From this point and to the middle rounds, Theophane was in a relative survival mode while Cano was loading up his shots with the hopes to stop the younger fighter. Things didn’t play out that way for Cano, but they didn’t get much better for Theophane either.

Rounds six and seven would prove to be Theophane’s best rounds as he managed to significantly increase his punch output in order to remain the busier fighter. With Cano beginning to tire as the fight went on, Theophane was doing his best to seize the momentum. As the middle rounds passed and the late rounds approached it was plain to see that Theophane was the busier fighter, but it was even more obvious that Cano was the one landing the harder shots.

As with any normal person, Cano’s punches were really beginning to take their toll on Theophane. With the early damage done to his body, and the focus of attack now on his head, Theophane was beginning to get hit with more and more shots. This led to Cano once against stealing the momentum, and brutalizing Theophane for the remainder of the final two rounds. With the fight finally over it was clear to see who was the victor of the contest, but judges saw it differently.

Somehow, the judges managed to score the bout as a split decision victory for Pablo Cano on score of (98-92), (97-93), and (94-96). Let there be know doubt, regardless of the split decision it was obvious that Cano outright dominated almost ever aspect of the fight. The win is no doubt detrimental to the hype-train slowly being rebuilt around Theophane, but for Cano this win provided the type of relevance that the veteran so badly needed.