Diaz and Gomez score shutouts in separate bouts on Estrella TV


    DiazWorkout4Alfaro_Hoganphotos(11)Joseph Diaz (18-0, 10KOs) defeated Ruben Tamayo live on Estrella TV/RingTVLive.com at the Fantasy Springs Casino in Indio, California.

    Diaz figured that his personal blend of offense through the guard would be enough to win and that sheer output would discourage Tamayo. However, Tamayo was game early in the fight and made it a point to go to the body after withstanding the Diaz onslaught.


    Tamayo would take whatever punishment the fast-fisted Diaz dished out before expanding on his own offense, which was effective considering his height and reach advantage over Diaz. The one thing Tamayo never did was sustain a workable distance in an effort to keep Diaz out of reach, and at least away from the inside fight Diaz was forced to make it.


    Tamayo did some good things early, but none of it was good enough to control the fight, he was merely stalling Diaz from completely dictating everything from pace and tempo.


    Diaz ended up taking complete control over the fight by shifting his offense a bit. No longer was Diaz coming in with predictable combinations and the same rhythm utilized in previous outings, instead he was picking his shots and giving Tamayo a changeup to go with his fastball.


    The fourth round was a significant round for Diaz as he began to land big shots with rapid consistency. Tamayo was never truly hurt, but he did look like he was in danger of having the fight stopped in the fifth after Diaz landed several unanswered power shots that sent Tamayo back against the ropes.


    Tamayo survived the round, but only to be further dominated as the fight progressed. Diaz was never tricked into a firefight, and yet he maintained an entertaining enough output.


    The fight went the distance and after 10 rounds all three judges scored the fight 100-90 in favor of Diaz. It was a solid performance from Diaz who showed real flashes of brilliance, although it would’ve been more convincing if he could’ve taken Tamayo out early.


    Diaz is being steered toward a world title shot, but there really is no reason to rush the 22, soon to be 23, year old.


    In the evening’s co-feature, undefeated junior middleweight Frankie Gomez defeated Jorge Silva by 10 round unanimous decision. Gomez was active and fought hard. Gomez won with shutouts on all three judges’ cards, but it was a hard-earned shutout. Silva made it a point, especially late in the fight, to not offer Gomez any more free looks. A very entertaining firefight broke out in the final round, but Gomez had dominated every moment leading to it, and he was better in the exchanges as well.