Dillon Danis Fires Shots At Mayweather And Boxing


    There were many in boxing that was critical of the Floyd Mayweather – Logan Paul exhibition. It was a circus act just like the Conor McGregor fight but that was a real fight with real results between two fighters. Members of the boxing community were very critical of that fight as well.

    It’s no secret that Mayweather-Paul was not that competitive at all. It was the classic big man vs little man but the skillset of Mayweather was supposed to be the determining factor while many disregard the weight difference. There are those in boxing that enjoyed it and those outside of boxing that use the fight to ridicule the sport and take shots at it and that’s exactly what Dillon Danis did.

    Danis called Mayweather an embarrassment while discrediting boxing. He also stated that had he not of finished Paul in less then a minute he would retire and kill himself.

    “Floyd just showed boxing isn’t the superior martial art.” “In a real fight if I don’t finish Logan in under a minute I’ll retire and kill myself.”

    Danis was offered a fight with Logan’s younger brother Jake but Danis turned it down. Instead Ben Askren took his place and Jake trolled Danis while hitting him with a water balloon in the middle of an interview. Since then Danis has stated for sure that he wants to fight Jake. I wonder if his thoughts are the same towards Jake as they are towards Logan.