Does Zab Judah Still Have a ‘Super’ Moment Left in Him?


    Zab “Super” Judah is a fighter that you cannot count out. As many times as he has failed on the big stage, he’s always managed to bring himself back into title contention. His ring experience is something that continuously lands him on the big networks in meaningful flights. Judah once again has the opportunity to prove that he deserves to be on the big stage.

    Many experts consider this a sure win for Garcia with him being the younger fresher fighter. Judah, while he’s been around the sport of boxing twice as long as Garcia has, is considered the older fighter who is past his prime. Yet, history has shown us that age is just a number. Fighters like Bernard Hopkins and Floyd Mayweather Jr. have proven this theory. Most people  wouldn’t bet against either man.

    Most will agree that when it comes to Judah, you just don’t know what  fighter you’re going to get until fight night. Having a delay in your training camp, due to the fight being postponed  from February 9th to April 27th because of a rib injury suffered by Garcia in sparring, is something that could be both positive and detrimental to the outcome of this fight.

    Judah looks to be in perfect shape, but the postponement could have caused overtraining resulting in him “leaving it in the gym.” “I’ve been in the game.  I understand in this sport of boxing that we’re in, things happen. I mean Danny got hurt. Danny got hurt. I mean there’s nothing to that. I just got to, you know what I’m saying, put my cards in order and keep on focusing on the things that we’re doing and keep a watch on our preparation, and our preparation is great, and we just took a little bit of time off and came back at the right time, just stay sharp in gym. April 27th it’s going to be an explosive night,” Judah claimed.

    Motivation is a dangerous tool and Zab Judah has astronomical amounts of motivation going into this fight. Coming back home and fighting in a new stadium in his back yard of Brooklyn. Three titles are on the line and he has the chance to unify a division with just one fight. “I’m saying with me having the opportunity of being the only and last man to unify a weight division because of what the WBC rules are now, so to my understanding there will be no more undisputed champion of the world after this fight is done, so for me being that I did it at welterweight and I’ll come back and do it at 140 again, that’s going to be beautiful to me, so it’s the opportunity that excites me, not the people or the situation,” explained Judah.

    The two fighters have a common opponent in Amir King Khan. One could assume that this common opponent can be used as a barometer to gauge how this fight will turn out, but if anything is true in the sport of boxing, styles make fights, “No, no, I’m a whole different style, a different fighter than Amir Khan is. You know what I mean? Amir Khan and Danny Garcia, they fight differently. You know what I mean? I think that means Danny is going to be a whole different type of fighter than Amir Khan,” added Judah.

    The junior welterweight division is a stacked and an action packed one. The winner of this  fight will line themself up for big money fights and even more titles shots. A possible Mayweather Jr. opponent can emerge from this round robin style tournament. First the most important thing is to win April 27th.

    “I’m preparing for the best Danny Garcia that can ever be. You know what I’m saying?  When I train, you got to understand, I don’t train for a regular Danny Garcia. I train like I’m fighting Mike Tyson or somebody like Muhammad Ali.  This is who I’m preparing for. You know what I’m saying? So when you prepare and get your mindset in a thing like this, you run into nothing but flying colors. You know what I mean?  I mean I’m pretty sure Danny is going to come in there and he’ll come in there swinging his hooks. He’ll start with his right hand, and he’s going to come in there doing what he’s got to do. You know what I’m saying?  “Super” is going to be ready, but like I said, this is why the fans should come out and get your tickets or tune in live on TV. Get your popcorn and sit down and let’s watch this process,” concluded Judah.

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