Donald Trump, Trump Jr. To Provide Commentary For Holyfield – Belfort


    I’ve given Triller a lot of shit in the past. I never held my tongue and I refuse to do so now. This may piss some of you off as well and in all honesty I could give a fuck. Triller is getting worse as events go on. No, it’s not due to a huge musical lineup. I’d take a twelve hour musical concert (even country music) over it’s most recent announcement. That announcement, Donald Trump and his son Trump Jr. will be providing commentary on September 11th for Triller’s fight card.

    I have no pollical agenda here (as I view myself more as a centralist) but the dude is a piece of shit along with his son (kinda like the guy currently in the white house). Sure, back in the day he had numerous fights hosted at his hotel as well as allowing Mike Tyson to fight at his venues when others would not but the slightest good that one man does will not erase all evil deeds (I’m no saint either so should I be casting stones?).

    There is some good news though…you don’t have to listen to the Trump’s call the fights as that broadcast is being labeled a “gamecast.” The regular broadcast will feature former HBO broadcaster Jim Lampley and former Welterweight World Champion Shawn Porter. That combination will be a breath of fresh air compared to the shit show Triller had on for the Jake Paul – Ben Askren fight card.

    The event can be purchased on Fite TV and will broadcast live on September 11th.