Dulorme Wins But Did He Disappoint?


    In a fight that was the talk of fight week in Atlantic City, NJ, greatly disappointed as Thomas Dulorme clinched a victory over Karim Mayfield literally. Dulorme used his hefty reach advantage and technique to get the edge in the early rounds. As the fight appeared with in Mayfield’s reach, a pair of low blows from Dulorme that went un-penalized disturbed Mayfield late. Mayfield who started slow appeared to maybe have been rattled by a very bizarre fight week.

    On Thursday, Mayfield’s unofficial manager who was going to sign a deal with Mayfield later this week, Marlon Sullivan, was arrested by federal authorities on charges of murder for hire, producing fake credit cards as well as charges of large quantity drug distribution. Then there was the buildup in which Mayfield and Dulorme got into heated exchanges multiple times; the most notable being a weigh in incident in which Mayfield smelled Dulorme and said “I smell pussy.” Dulorme turned Mayfield’s hat around and then an exchange occurred with Dulorme choking Mayfield.

    The pressure and tension of the trash talk may have weighed on Mayfield as he looked a bit sluggish at the start of the fight yet as the rounds progressed a pattern emerged. If Mayfield landed a clean punch on Dulorme, Dulorme would hold on for dear life. The concept of a warning for holding was introduced in the third round, but never enforced as Dulorme was not deducted a single point. It only got a bit more bizarre when Mayfield appeared to be coming on strong only to get hit low take a break and then get hit below the belt line again with no penalty to Dulorme.

    For Dulorme who was once labeled the future of boxing, the win was good, but at the same time a nightmare as well. For every Dulorme left hook that landed flush, a clinch will be remember for lulling the action to a standstill. Both Mayfield and Dulorme are two fighters HBO appear uninterested in from the way they have pushed them over the past nine months. This fight simply won’t help the case for another fight regardless. In short, neither man looked good and the fight will be remember more so for what it wasn’t than what was.

    Thomas Dulorme in theory was suppose to get a shot at WBO light welterweight title held by Ruslan Provodnikov, but this could be in trouble with this performance for a few reasons. For starters, the fight lacked any sense of urgency and may not bring in the type of fanfare to a title fight. The other and more important reason, Provodnikov is only promised one more fight with HBO and Top Rank in which he is looking to return against Chris Algeri  in a rumored bout and may leave for Showtime where more options are abound.

    In a fight with so much talk in the end it was the build up that outlived the fight and the ramifications of the foolishness leading up to the bout may leave a lasting impact on both fighters public image for some time.