“Dusty” Hernández Harrison: “I’ve never had a fan go to my fight and leave unsatisfied.”


“Dusty” Hernández Harrison is a Welterweight Prospect making waves in the Washington D.C. area. Being an undefeated fighter comes with a lot of pressure but the 19 year old fighter feels that the team around him is making the best decisions for his young career stating. “They’re moving me slowly, mainly because of my age.” Most 16-0 fighters would be clamoring at the idea of a Promoter taking them up the ranks but not Dusty. “I’m not looking to sign with a promoter, I’m with Jeff Reid as an advisor.”

Many of Harrison’s fights have been inconsistence in the amount of rounds he has fought, often between six and eight. Harrison is ready to test himself and move up to the fights that have more rounds. “I’ve been asking for 8 rounder’s,” Harrison continued, “As long as everything goes right, I’ll be fighting in 10 rounder’s before the end of the year.”

Harrison’s in his young career has already had to fight adversity in the ring. In his eighth fight as a pro, Harrison was dropped in the final round when he fought Marqus Jackson. He feels he has learned a lot from the knockdown and it answer questions about himself. “I got too comfortable and wanted to coast to the win,” he continued.“It was so good for my team to see what I can do when I’m hurt.” 

Being so young, you could assume that he will eventually grow into the Super Welterweight division but Harrison can make weight easily for being six foot and he is not looking to move up any time soon. “I would like to stay here for as long as I can, I feel comfortable right now.”

With D.C. behind him, Harrison has high expectation but he understands that he needs to entertain to be remembered. “I’ve never had a fan go to my fight and leave unsatisfied.”