Edmonton Lifts Ban On Professional Wrestling, Boxing and MMA Possible For February


    On December 8th, 2017 Edmonton city council decided that a one-year ban on all combat sports was necessary.  A third party investigation into the Edmonton combative sports commission deemed that the commission did not follow proper procedure.  This resulted in the death of former UFC fighter and professional boxer Tim Hague. The decision by the commission was met with some praise and a tremendous amount of criticism throughout the community and left many fighters no option to fight in the city or else we’re in the world.

    On January 17th, city council met once again to discuss the ban. They decided to lift the ban on professional wrestling as it is scripted and considered sports entertainment and would possibly lift the ban on boxing and mixed martial arts after their next meeting to discuss the subject on February 21st.

    “We think if the all-clear is there that fighter safety has been improved materially and important recommendations are in place, then a week later at city council we will be able to lift the moratorium,” stated Edmonton Mayor Don Iveson.

    For KO Boxing’s Mel Lubovac it’s not just about promoting fights. It’s about the livelihood of everyone involved and the fact that the city made a decision so hastily.

    “This was done on ill-informed advice… We will not sit idly by as council takes away our livelihood.”