Eisa Aldah “He [Mayweather] cannot beat Amir. I know he cannot beat Amir.”


Floyd Mayweather JrAn article posted on m.arabianbusiness.com earlier this week has unveiled a dastardly plot in the middle-east to ensure that Floyd Mayweather Jr (47-0, 26KO’s) makes Amir Khan(30-3, 19KO’s) his next opponent.

Mayweather currently holds four belts; he is the WBA’s Super champion at both 147 and 154 pounds and tops the heap at both weights for the WBC. With whispers growing to murmurs that a fight with Manny Pacquiao (57-5, 36KO’s) could finally be here it seems that “Eisa Aldah, founder and CEO of EMD fitness”, has hatched a plan to thwart the deal by offering Mayweather a handsome gift.

“I want to announce something… maybe it will be a surprise for Amir… I offer Floyd Mayweather my gym, which costs AED20 million, if he fights and wins against Amir Khan.”

That equates to just under four-and-a-half million U.S dollars. That is a lot of money, but does it compare with how much money a fight with Pacquiao would generate? Probably not. And Floyd already has a gym.

The gesture is a kind one but it appears as if Mr Aldah made it as a fawning salute to Amir Khan more than anything else. It was a show of support for a top tier fighter with very close ties to the Muslim world and who is seen to be very proud of his faith. He is also very exciting to watch and probably has the fastest hands in boxing.

“I built this gym and I love it. But he [Mayweather] cannot beat Amir. I know he cannot beat Amir. He cannot beat the speed of Amir.”

it appears Khan does not have consensus support between Aldah’s immediate circle though.

“I told everybody this, and they told me, ‘Eisa, no, he [Amir] cannot handle Floyd’. But I say Amir is the first person who can beat Floyd. From all the challenges, from all the fighters in the world, only Amir can beat Floyd. He is really dedicated and can show the people he’s a true champion,”

A couple of million Filipinos may disagree with that statement, but Aldah made a point regarding speed. His hands have not slowed down at all now he is fighting at welterweight, if anything he looks more explosive than when he fought down between the 135 and 140 .lb. divisions.

This attribute is one many fans will point to when explaining why they think Khan could beat Mayweather, and when combined with his newfound patience and surprising bulk it conjures a troubling picture for the pound-for-pound king. I don’t think a gym is enough to push Mayweather in that direction, but I’m sure something more extravagant could.