Errol Spence to De La Hoya: You don’t treat black fighters well brotha


    Julio Garcia

    Boxing has been one of the most diverse sports around for ages. It’s easy for one to recall a time when people of color were not allowed to participate in athletics or attend the same schools with caucasians. We as humans work better when we work together and isolate ourselves from one another but does the tone of ones skin really conduct the way we treat others and is it a factor in boxing?

    Oscar De La Hoya has been noted in the past for saying racially insensitive comments. There was a time where he was quoted calling Bob Arum one of the biggest Jew’s to come out of Harvard but after much backlash, he issued an apology.

    The Jewish community is not the only ones that feel they have been wronged by De La Hoya. There were leaked emails were several derogatory slurs were aimed at Al Haymon from Golden Boy Promotions a few years back and many feel that African-American fighters are treated unjustly by De La Hoya. Current IBF welterweight champion Errol Spence is the latest to call out De La Hoya on the situation after De La Hoya tweeted Spence about promoting his next fight.

    “Congratulations on your victory,” De La Hoya tweeted to Spence. “Of you want to make some real money, let me promote your next fight in DAZN.”

    Spence’s response to De La Hoya was short and sweet, “you don’t treat black fighters well brotha.”

    De La Hoya has since deleted his tweet.