ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith warns Mayweather: “Do not go against ‘Triple G.’”


Floyd Mayweather Jr., Gennady GolovkinFloyd Mayweather Jr. remains a constant fixture inside the national media spotlight, and he creates headlines within the boxing realm despite having been retired for the past several months. Although to be fair, Floyd has always created headlines within the boxing medium even when he wasn’t very newsworthy.


It could be a desire to remain relevant in retirement, but lately, Floyd has hinted at possible fights that could take place if he were to come back to the fight game.


However, his recent comments have one of his longtime admirers from ESPN, Stephen A. Smith, offering up words of caution.


“When it comes to ‘Triple G,’ I’m going to say this Floyd again, stay away from that man. Do not go against ‘Triple G.’ Stay away from him, don’t fall for the okey-dokey, don’t listen to his chitter chatter. Don’t you talk unless you not going to fight. Don’t get into the ring with that man,” Smith said during a recent segment on ESPN’s First Take.


Smith’s warning stems from Floyd’s latest antagonism in the form of promotional tempting with another fighter. In this case, that fighter was IBF and WBA middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin. Floyd said that he would make “easy work” of Golovkin in a recent interview with FightHype.


But Floyd was also very quick to remind us all that he was barely a welterweight and it would be ludicrous to expect him to be a functional middleweight. That said, he was just as confident regarding his chances against Golovkin despite the obvious size disadvantage he’d be facing.


Golovkin is only the latest in Floyd’s retired call-outs, which, of course, all seem more like theoretical rhetoric than potential promotion gauging.


Mayweather first made mention of his discontent with the way Canelo’s team has handled his career, specifically Oscar De La Hoya. During that interview, also with FightHype, Floyd said that Canelo was such a major star that he’d be one of the top choices in a potential comeback for his 50th fight.


Not but three weeks ago in an interview with, you guessed it, FightHype, Floyd said that it wouldn’t take much to make a fight involving himself and welterweight champion Danny Garcia. The topic of Mayweather-Garcia came about only after Floyd attempted to put on his dual fighter and promoter hats in considering what fight involving “Money May” would completely bury the success of Canelo-Khan, due to take up the Cinco de Mayo date that Floyd was dominated.