Family Reunion: Mayweather JR Will Use Father & Both Uncles in his Corner for Guerrero


Floyd Mayweather Jr. will be preparing for his May 4th fight against Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero with some unique circumstances as he announced after weeks of speculation that his father Floyd Mayweather Sr. will take over duties as acting trainer while Jr.’s Uncle Roger is sidelined due to his well-documented medical issues. Floyd Sr. is no stranger to his son’s corner, he trained “Money May” for most of his amateur career and the beginning of his pro career; that was until a jail stint forced Floyd Sr. out of his son’s corner and essentially out of his life.

The two have had a love/hate relationship over the years and have been estranged for long periods of time, who can forget Sr. and Jr.’s 24/7 blowup. But now they’ll look to rekindle whatever prior bond they may have shared in the past. However, in an interview with Showtime’s Brian Kenny, Floyd Jr. made it clear that while Sr. will get the lion’s share of the work, Uncle Roger will still be in his corner, in fact Floyd also mentioned his Uncle Jeff as a viable source in his corner for this fight.

“It’s a great thing, me and my dad are on good terms, me and my dad are back working together,” Mayweather Jr. said. “Roger is going through a lot with his sugar diabetes and hopefully we can all come together and work as one for May 4th.”

When asked if Floyd Sr. would be getting him prepared for Guerrero, Floyd Jr. responded by saying “both,” as in both his Father and Uncle.

“Roger will work with me also, I like our family to stay together and hopefully my Uncle Jeff can work in the corner as well.”

Floyd Jr. mentioned not knowing much about his next opponent, Robert Guerrero, but it seems that he is getting a lot of backup to prepare for a fighter he’s supposedly only seen fight once, we’ll find out soon as Showtime will provide access to both camps in the lead up to the May 4th contest.