Fernando Vargas on Mayweather-Pacquiao: ‘Mayweather Will Beat Him No Problem’


    Fernando+Vargas+TCfUDpHTbcdmThis past weekend Tha Boxing Voice was able to catch up with former junior middleweight champion, Fernando Vargas. We had to the chance to talk to Vargas and get his take on Khan versus Alexander as well as Pacquiao versus Mayweather. “Amir Khan did a great job, you know boxing. I think he did great. He was able to capitalize on his movement, use his jab, he was able to fight a southpaw, and a lot of people don’t know how to fight southpaws but he a did a great job so my hats off to him.” Judging on Khan’s performance we asked Vargas if he felt it was enough to put him in front of the line to face Floyd Mayweather. “Not taking anything away from Alexander but, I mean, nobody is really at that level where they can demand a fight with the king,” said Vargas, “I mean it makes for a better argument but nobody can demand to fight with him he’s the pound for pound king.”

    Vargas then gave us his opinion on the topic of Mayweather versus Pacquiao and if he felt the fight would take place. “It will happen, I think it’ll be the last fight of his [Mayweather] career, you know the Showtime contract and I know that he’ll beat him too. Mayweather will beat him, no problem, he’s too smart, too intelligent and we’ve already seen Marquez expose Pacquiao. He caught him with a great knockout punch and put him out. I just think that Mayweather, well he’s a different name.”

    Vargas ended the interview giving us one final insight on the possibility of Canelo Alvarez taking on middleweight champion Miguel Cotto. “That’s a good fight there man. I still think that Cotto has an edge there you know, he’s a great champion.”