Floyd Mayweather is Great But Not The Greatest


All this talk about Mayweather being the GOAT, after his win over Canelo is getting utterly ridiculous.   The fact of the matter is that he is still fighting.  That in itself disqualifies him, from getting a nomination.  I will explain why and give you two examples of other fighters, that you rookies were calling the best ever, in the last 18 years.  Fighters, who are no longer in that conversation, yet continue to fight. I will use statistics to illustrate my points, so that you understand, and learn a little boxing history in the process, so pay attention.

I am a huge fan of his, picked him to win via TKO or UD over Canelo. I will also say, he is already an All Time Great, just not the GOAT.  Listen when it’s all said and done, he might do enough to earn the coveted and lofty title, but based on his history he probably won’t.  However we don’t know yet, so let history takes it’s course.  Once his career is said and done you can compare his resume to other, all time greats.

Three years ago (2010) people where calling Manny Pacquiao the GOAT.  I told those people at the time, the same shit I am telling you guys now; you don’t know shit about boxing history. Although Manny is still fighting, let’s take a quick look at his resume and see why there was an argument for Manny, at the time. In order to understand the general consensus and popular belief at the time, rewind back to before Manny was sleeping on PPV.

When he was the guy that came up from 118 lbs coming up on to win titles in eight different weight classes, even winning a title in the“154 lbs” division.  The little guy was not only winning, but he was ripping through the competition.  Breaking down guys that were naturally much bigger than him, ending careers along the way.  Barrera, Oscar, Hatton and Margarito were permanently ruined fighters.  Only Cotto, Morales and Marquez went on to repair their careers somewhat.

After he beat Margarito he was the GOAT, according to many.  That same year, Floyd was hurt by Shane Mosley in May; people were calling him old, saying his legs were gone.  Do you remember?  I sure do.  Now all that talk is gone because he got iced.  Fight fans are so fickle. What have you done for me lately?

I am going to give you one more example Roy Jones Jr.  Roy had a real solid case in my opinion, although he fought way too long and ruined his legacy in many ways.  After he beat John Ruiz and became the first man to come along since Bob Fitzsimmons’ to win a Heavyweight title coming up from all the way from Middleweight in over 100 years.  He then went back down and beat Tarver the first time at Light Heavyweight.  In his first dog fight, he showed grit and the heart of a champ, should have quit right there and then.  He would have been to many, the GOAT.  However he chose not to do so and fought on, now we can’t say that he is the GOAT.

Floyd is dominating, but his resume lacks all time great accomplishments and opponents to make him the all time great.  Archie Moore had 130 some odd knock outs, Ray Robinson went 120 something wins and one loss, fighting every two or three weeks.  Duran won titles from 135 through 175, beating the odds countless times.  Henry Armstrong held 3 titles at the same time from 126lbs to 135lbs and 147lbs, when they were only 8 titles to go around.  These guys did things that might never be done again.  Has Floyd done anything like that?  Not yet. Beat Gennady Golovkin at 160 lbs, which he can do in my opinion, then we can start the conversation.  Great fighters do great things, simple concept if you ask me.