Floyd Mayweather Jr.: Mind Games And Diva Antics Before Maidana Showdown


    If you haven’t heard by now the glove controversy prior to tonight’s big pay per view you must have been living under a rock. Floyd Mayweather and his team have threatened to walk away from the fight with Marcos Maidana because they were not happy with the amount or “lack” of padding in Maidana’s Everlast MX gloves.

    The gloves themselves were not tampered with so you can throw that notion out the window. They are punchers gloves and have been approved by athletic commissions throughout the world so what is the big deal?

    Leading up to the fight Mayweather’s team has been quieter than usual so if anything it would seem as if there is some last minute mind games to try and get under his rivals skin. Aside from that it has the clear signs of being a diva. Mayweather is the star and is talented beyond all means but anyone that has stepped into the ring with him knows that everything has to be his way.

    The talk about the fight not happening was b.s. because after all the money that was spent on marketing and the money that Floyd would lose if he didn’t fight is a huge loss. The “threat” of canceling the fight is a great marketing tool for the fight because people that might not have had an interest in the fight will possibly want to watch now.