Floyd Mayweather Sr.: “Stupid @$$ Freddie, Out Of His Crazy @$$ Mind!”


FloydMayweatherSrFloydMayweatherJrFloydwJm34QPC9cglThe Mayweather Boxing Channel on Youtube released a video of Floyd Mayweather Sr. voicing his opinion on Freddie Roach’s assertion that Manny Pacquiao would put Floyd Jr. on the canvas in their May 2nd fight.

Floyd Sr. has a reputation for being somewhat “forward” when being interviewed, and that only seems to escalate whenever Freddie Roach’s name comes up around him. Mayweather Sr. did not disappoint with his spirited response to Roach’s prediction.

“Stupid ass Freddie… got the gall, the nerve, the audacity to say some bullshit like that he’s gotta be out of his crazy ever lootin’ [sic] crazy ass mind.

He was then asked about the possibility that he was just jealous of all of Freddie’s “Trainer of the Year” awards, and in his own way he reassured the interviewer that while those awards may be a big deal to some, they do not leave him impressed with or covetous of Roach’s accomplishments. Or… in his own words:

“Guess what! Freddie know I don’t give a… I don’t give a damn whatchu do now!”

Hemingway could not have said it any better himself.

You can see Floyd Mayweather Sr.’s son and Freddie Roach’s guy meet each other in the ring live from The MGM Grand Garden Arena on May 2nd, 2015.