Fonfara Bounces Back with Decision Win Over Ngumbu


Andrzej Fonfara  In the November 1 edition of Showtime boxing, Andrzej Fonfara ( 26-3, 15 knockouts) took on Doudou Ngumbu (33-6, 12 knocouts) in a 12-round main event. On paper, the match-up wasn’t the most thrilling, but fans anticipated a solid night of action nonetheless. Most fans remember Fonfara’s scrappy but failed attempt at de-throning Adonis Stevenson from atop the light heavyweight latter, but now he sought redemption against little known Ngumbu. It’s no secret that this fight was set as a bit of a showcase considering the following Fonfara has developed in his adopted hometown of Chicago, but he took advantage of the platform nonetheless in his thorough victory.

In the opening moments of the bout, Ngumbu made sure to come out aggressive in an effort to put his opponent away. Thanks to a high punch output and awkward style of boxing, Ngumbu was giving Fonfara fits often and seemed to be doing enough to seize all of the possible momentum.

After two rounds that were dominated by Ngumbu, Fonfara quickly took over and began increasing his own punch output. What ultimately proved to be the difference maker between the two was the fact that Fonfara was much more consistent with his punch delivery. Also significant was the fact that Fonfara was the more well-rounded fighter where Ngumbu was attempting to drop his opponent with winging right hands and power shots.

Both fighters were active throughout their ten round bout, but Fonfara’s punch output is ultimately what decided most of the following rounds.

Things seemed to get especially bad for Ngumbu in round five after he was badly rocked against the ropes by a left hook from Fonfara. Rather than submit or even take a knee, Ngumbu stood his ground and managed to survive the round while still proving his game-ness as an opponent.

The two fighters continued battling back and fourth for the remainder of the ten rounds, but Fonfara would ultimately get the nod. The three judges ringside scored the bout as (98-92), (97-93), (97-93).

Fonfara is still far from being a perfect fighter, and perhaps far from ever winning a title, What remains true however is that Fonfara will remain a successful local draw and a legitimate talent in a division already in need of a new face.