Frampton-Quigg “As long as Quigg’s not too greedy, that fight can happen”


Scott Quigg Carl FramptonThe second biggest fight to make in the United Kingdon behind Amir Khan-Kell Brook is likely the bout between two of it’s best Super Bantamweights. After Carl Frampton had discarded his foe from California, Chris Avalos, the attention shifted to his UK counterpart Scott Quigg, who was in attendance in Belfast yesterday.

Frampton’s fight yesterday was on terrestrial television in the United Kingdon on ITV, which would be like the fights we have here on NBC. Frampton and his team would like to have the fight on the same platform but feel Quigg’s side would want it on Sky Sports and on pay-per-view, which could make things dicey in negotiations.

“We believe there’s a future with ITV and I really hope we can have the fight with Quigg on ITV,” Barry McGuigan, Quigg’s promoter said in the post fight interview.. “As long as Quigg’s not too greedy, that fight can happenv. As long as he remembers Carl has the regular world title and packs out arenas and as long as he understands that and Carl is the attraction, it can happen.But saying we want Quigg next is not a licence for him to come back and say he wants crazy money.”

As far as where it could take place, the promoter feels it would need a big arena or even an outdoor stage

“I think the fight can be done at a 30,000 seater outdoor stadium, or you could do it at the MEN Arena in Manchester or the O2 Arena in London,” said McGuigan. QPR’s ground rings a few bells with me and our sponsors CWM sponsor Chelsea, so that’s an option.We really want the fight. Hearn keeps pushing the pay-per-view, but it’s a much better fight on terrestrial TV where more people can see it and makes these kids superstars.”

Frampton obliges what his promoter feels and just wants to finally make the fight happen.

“It doesn’t matter where it is; I’m happy where ever and we can have it at a neutral venue in London if that’s what it takes,” he said.