Freddie Roach: ‘Floyd Mayweather Has to Fight Manny Pacquiao’


For about the last five years, it seems that in just about every interview trainer Freddie Roach has been in he gets asked the same question over and over again about whether or not his star pupil Manny Pacquiao will ever face Floyd Mayweather.

The thought of this potential mega fight has pretty much stayed fresh in the minds of the boxing media and fans alike, even though five years have past since the fight was first mentioned. The interest in this fight just won’t seem to go away.

Roach feels that at this point in Mayweather’s career it’s the only fight that makes sense for him right now. “He has four fights left in his contract. “There are not any PPV fighters out there that can fight him where he can make that kind of money. I think he has to fight Manny Pacquiao.”

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