Freddie Roach Says He Doesn’t Speak to Pacquiao outside of Training Camp


    _49607343_roach282Manny Pacquiao has been under Freddie Roach’s tutelage since 2001. Its truly remarkable, Roach’s bond with Pacquiao remains on great terms after 13 years. Roach credits their good relationship, due to a lack of communication outside of training camp.

    In a press conference recorded by ESNEWS, Roach explained, “I’ve learned along the way we [Me and Pacquiao], never speak unless we are in training camp. It’s not like he calls me over the phone and says happy birthday or how are you doing. We never see each other outside of training camp. We don’t do that, we have to keep ours distance.”

    Roach believes this type of relationship keeps any complications between the two, to a minimum. It’s quite logical when two people spend a lot of time together feuds might emerge in any relationship. Roach stated, “The thing is getting too close to somebody can be the worse thing in the world at times. We have to keep that relationship kind of pure so it works.”

    Roach’s philosophy has certainly been a major success in regards to training his star pupil Manny Pacquiao. Their trainer/fighter relationship will certainly be written down in history as one of the best partnerships in the sport of boxing. Pacquiao at age 35 knows retirement is right around the corner. He plans to end his career under the same trainer who has been with him for the majority of his career.