Freddie Roach Takes Shots At Alex Ariza, Damages His And Pacquiao’s Reputation In The Process


    The feud between hall of fame trainer Freddie Roach and Alex Ariza is far from being over and Roach’s latest has Ariza labeled as a cheater but it doesn’t stop there. While attempting to tarnish Ariza’s image, Roach shot himself in the foot with his comments.

    According to Roach, Ariza would give Manny Pacquiao “secret shakes” during a 4 year period. That four year period that Roach mentioned also happened to be the biggest years in Pacquiao’s career.

    In the duration of their time working together Ariza was often accused of peddling performance enhancing drugs to athletes and Pacquiao was accused of consuming PED’s.

    Roach’s comments hurt himself and his fighter reputation wise. How did it hurt Roach? If the shakes did contain ped’s and Roach knew about it then he turned a blind eye to what was going on. He allowed cheating to occur while putting his fighters’ long term health at risk. It hurt Pacquiao by rekindling the rumors that Pacquiao was on ped’s during the peak of his career which is something that Pacquiao has denied.